Сразу после запуска, Вы должны увидеть интерфейс запущенной платформы, загруженную страницу сайта http://my.clusterdelta.com и, в левом нижнем углу, состояние успешного соединение в виде надписи на зеленом фоне Connected to Primary Server

Attention: ClusterDelta Online is an old development from Clusterdelta.com project. ClusterDelta Orderflow is a new one.

Immediately after the start you will be able to see the interface of the running platform, the downloaded page of the site http://my.clusterdelta.com and the status of a successful connection with an inscription on green background in the lower right corner   Connected to Primary Server   (or Secondary Server, which is also a successful result of connection)

For the cluster chart display on the screen you should select the required instrument by clicking "Select Market Instrument From List"

If everything’s correct the cluster chart of the selected instrument will be displayed on the screen from the time indicated above the platform logo.

Please remember to check the correctness of username and password (specified during registration at http://forum.clusterdelta.com) in the menu "Connection"->"Account Information"