Индикатор объема предоставляет информацию о суммарном объеме по каждому бару. Информация по объемам предоставляет реальную картину биржевых торгов визуально отображая зоны повышенного спроса на рыночный инструмент.

Indicator name: ClusterDelta_#Volumes_onChart

This modification puts the volume histogram to the bottom of the main price chart window

The volume indicator provides information on the total traded volumes for each bar. Volumes information provides the real situation of market trading by showing areas of increased demand for a market instrument.

Big volumes spike in market activity supposes the end of the current trend. An additional price rally (breakout of the previous peak) on smaller volumes can be a sign of a reversal, which visually can look like a divergence of price peaks and peaks of the volume histogram. This describes one of the options for how to use the indicator, but this is not the only description of using the volume indicator. Use it with VSA patterns as well.

The volume indicator uses libraries, which makes it possible to download data in the background, as well as receive data online without delay, with instant drawing on the chart. In addition, in the settings it is possible to adjust the length of the history in days, which allows you to make backtests on historical data merged together for more than 2 years. It is also possible to load history with one click (by the "Load More History" button), which is located in the place where the loading of the previous period of historical data ended.

Description of indicator inputs:

  • HELP_URL (default value "https://clusterdelta.com/volumes") - this is the URL where you can get the full description of the indicator.
  • ChartInstrument - select a futures from the dropdown list as the source for data. Value AUTO causes automatic detection of the instrument by the MT ticker.
  • MetaTrader_GMT - the GMT value of your Metatrader. In 95% of cases leave AUTO.
  • Days_in_History (default value is "0") - this parameter defines the number of days to download history. For a "0" value , the server uses the optimized history length settings. Using too high values can cause to the terminal freezing on lower timeframes. It is recommended to use short periods and load more data from the chart using the button "Load More History"
  • Custom_Start_time, Custom_End_time (default value is "2021.01.01 00:00") - if Custom_Start_Time and Custom_End_Time differ from "2021.01.01 00:00", the server loads history for the period specified by these parameters
  • Comment_Expert (values is "--- Expert Settings ") - just a text comment
  • Zoom (default value is "25") - the size (in percentage) of the total height of the window, that will be used from below to plot the volume histogram
  • LineColor (default value is "DodgerBlue") - color of the histogram volume bars
  • Comment_On_TimeFrame (value is "(0-All, 1-M1, 2-M5, 4-M15, 8-M30, 16-H1, 32-H4, 64-D1) - can be mixed" - a comment describing Only_On_TimeFrame parameter possible values
  • Only_On_TimeFrame (default value is "0") - used to display data on specific timeframes. Since objects are plotted directly on the chart, the native "display" tab and the data in it are ignored. To apply a data to specific timeframes it is necessary to add the numbers of these timeframes (the numbers are indicated in the comment above). For all timeframes, leave "0", to display only on the M5 timeframe, put "2", and, for example, for only M30 and H1 timeframes, add 8 and 16 and insert the result (24) into the Only_On_TimeFrame value.
  • Font_Size (default values is "8") - font size of current values of Ask and Bid histograms
  • GUI (default values is "true") - flag indicating the need to draw a graphical user interface (control panel)
  • GUI_Hint - using the keyboard : press "Z" to show/hide a graphical control panel

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