Индикаторы ClusterDelta для Metatrader 4/5 - получайте данные по объемам и сделкам из мировых бирж как на момент текущего времени, так и исторические данные
newThe Cryptomarket is available in Clusterdelta indicators for MT4/5

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Indicators Integration

Indicators may be installed on the next trading terminals (for Windows):

Step-by-step guide to installing indicators

ClusterDelta Indicators can work with MetaTrader 4 under Mac OS. For the indicators to work, it is necessary to install MetaTrader 4 for Windows using the PlayOnMac utility.

Instructions for installing MetaTrader 4 under Mac OS

ClusterDelta Online platform

ClusterDelta Online is a platform that displays order flow charts in real time:

ClusterDelta Online
  • Order flow chart (modes: volumes, delta, volume x delta, ask x bid)
  • Volume filters (visual colored volume size schemes, filter on the volume size)
  • Volume Profile as additional feature
  • Two alternate servers for data streaming
  • Real time data stream
  • Built in indicators of the volumes, delta, cumulate delta

Download ClusterDelta Online


Subscription allows you to access data from the international trading platforms in real time

Try a 7 days trial access. Trial access gives you the possibility to test all products without any limitations.
1 MONTH PREMIUM 7.50$ / month
This Premium subscription allows you to get data for indicators and platform during 1 month.
Special offer for Premium subscription for 4 months with a discount ~20%.

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